Our Community

We work to build a strong Montessori community where we provide opportunities for our families to get to together, to learn about the Montessori method and to contribute to our programme.


Jennifer Taylor is the owner and manager of Jenz. She holds a Diploma of Montessori Education and a Certificate of Equivalence (Diploma of Early Childhood Education). She is a Registered Teacher (Educational Council of New Zealand).

Mireille Nel is the Head Teacher on the floor at Jenz. She holds a Diploma of Montessori Education and a Diploma of Early Childhood Education. She is a Registered Teacher (Educational Council of New Zealand). 

Mohanan Kunjappan is the Outdoor Educator at Jenz. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood), and a Bachelor of Education. He is a Registered Teacher (Educational Council of New Zealand).

Gemma Smith is an Educator at Jenz. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching with an Early Childhood Specialisation. She is a fully Registered Teacher (Educational Council of New Zealand) 

Ama Welagedara is a reliever at Jenz. She holds a Diploma of Montessori Education.

Anne Bishop is our General Manager.

Parent Education

We see it as our responsibility to ensure our community are well informed on the Montessori method and the programme that Jenz offers. We hold Parent Education evenings each term, rotating each Montessori curriculum area. This is a great opportunity to experience first-hand, the depth and breadth of the Montessori curriculum and to see exactly what your child is involved with when they come to Jenz. It can be quite surprising!

Annual Events

We take pride in our traditional annual events that foster our community and call for parent involvement and contribution:

April Easter Hat Parade & donkey riding on Easter Sunday
June Matariki Celebrations
September Spring Fling
November Grandparents Day
December Christmas Play & Party

Celebrating Culture

Jenz celebrates all cultures and values how culture enriches a community. We provide a supportive environment for fostering Te Reo Maori. We openly invite families to include your own culture in our programme, which you can do by sharing with us any traditions you celebrate. We also love to have parents involved in our programme, which you can do by sharing a skill you have with the children such as flax weaving, or perhaps you would like to share your occupation with us, for example the children have learned about bee keeping in the past. This type of involvement from parents is invaluable for the children’s learning and for strengthening our community.

Our Animals

The children are able to learn about care of animals, confidence around animals, animal handling, and this also teaches compassion and respect.

Here at Jenz we currently have living with us quite a menagerie! We have a guinea pigs, Ata. Our budgie, Rocky, sits on our fingers sometimes. Our fish, Bob, Faye, and Sam, are mostly for watching. We have a new hutch waiting for a rabbit occupant as well. We won't count the worms in our worm farm (they don't have names either...). But our garden is a great birdwatching spot, with regular visits from fantails, tui and a bellbird, as well as more common birds such as sparrows and starlings.

We are very fortunate to have our own donkey, Pedro, who comes along to our events and regularly visits for donkey rides. He lives on Jennifer's farm.

We regularly have visiting animals as well. Recently we've had a couple of lambs, kittens, and a few dogs.