Jenz Montessori

Fees Schedule

We are licensed for 27 children aged 2-6 years
Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm
Minimum booking: 3 full days or 5 mornings per week

Days 3 to 5 year olds 5-6 Years
3 $60.00  
4 $75.00  
5 $90.00 $75.00*
5 mornings # $60.00  

*A discount is available for 5 year olds completing the 3-6 year period attending 5 days per week.

# Morning hours are 8.30 to 1.00. A late fee of $10 per hour or part thereof applies after 1.00.

There is a top-up fee for two-year-olds of $5 per day. This fee will no longer apply once the child qualifies for the government's 20 Hours ECE at age three.


This fee schedule may be reviewed from time to time. Where possible, two weeks' notice of any changes will be given. The service reserves the right to add, amend, clarify or delete terms, conditions or policies by issuing newsletters, notices or posting notification on the service notice board.

You agree to abide by the rules of the service as set down from time to time by management and the expectations set out in the Parent Handbook.

The terms and conditions contained herein are not exhaustive. Detailed terms and conditions are contained in published service policy documents, rules, notices, parent handbook etc.

Weekly invoices are made available each Friday and are to be paid each week by automatic payment or direct debit. You accept full responsibility for payment of fees for all days enrolled on the basis of the fee schedule at the time. All accounts are to be maintained accordingly and paid in full at all times. Irrespective of any arrangement with a third party including WINZ, you agree to pay the fees. Discounts are allowed at the discretion of management and may be withdrawn at any time at management's discretion.

Outstanding accounts exceeding 6 weeks, where no attempts have been made to initiate or action a payment arrangement, and after all efforts from the centre have been exhausted to request payment, will be notified by letter offering 7days to make payment in full before the amount owing is referred to an external debt collection agency.

FEES AGREEMENT You agree to give the required period of notice in writing before withdrawal of your child from the service. Failure to give the required notice period will render you liable for payment of fees for the same period. A charge will be made for absences and statutory holidays, as per the current fees schedule.

20 HOURS ECE is a government initiative available to all children aged 3 to 6 years. We have incorporated the 20 Hours ECE scheme into our Fees Structure enabling us to offer competitive rates for 2 to 6 year olds. Parents must complete the attestation form on, or prior to, the date of entitlement to receive this.

A child care subsidy is available for eligible families on application to Work and Income (WINZ). Even if you are eligible for a WINZ subsidy it remains your responsibility to ensure your account is paid in full at all times. It is your responsibility to keep WINZ informed of any changes in circumstances or care arrangements and to ensure WINZ are fully informed of any ECE hours you are currently receiving. Families receiving 20 hours ECE may be eligible for a child care subsidy for additional hours depending on their circumstances. You will need to apply directly to WINZ.

ENROLMENT FEE of $50.00 is payable on enrolment to secure your child's booking and place on the waiting list. 

The normal fee will be charged even if your child is absent for any reason.

Statutory Holidays will be charged in full. The service closes for public holidays only. You are welcome to take your child on holiday away from the centre for a maximum of one week without being charged any fees, provided we have 2 weeks' written notice. Discounts are only available where adequate notice is given to the service in writing and to the discretion of management. In order to receive this discount accounts must be maintained and paid in full. Once a child is absent for 21 consecutive days (including weekends) we lose funding. For absences longer than these, to maintain your child's space at Jenz you will be charged the equivalent of lost fundng in addition to your normal fees, which could be up to $100 per day.


If you wish to change the permanent booking for your child please ensure you notify the service in writing giving one weeks' notice. Changes to bookings will not take effect until one week following receipt of notification. A request for a change may not always be possible according to the roll at any given time, but will remain a priority.

Two weeks' notice is required when your child is to leave our service. Failure to provide this notice, fees will be charged in full for two weeks of your child's standard booking following receipt of notice