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Centre Philosophy

The early childhood curriculum empowers the child to learn and grow. Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things.Our Philosophy

  • We will provide a prepared environment with a profound respect for the potential of each child.
  • We aim to nurture the love of learning where children will develop at their own level and to their own potential.
  • We aim to provide an environment where children can develop their sense of order, and their ability to distinguish, classify and catalogue external things thus developing intellectual and cultural awareness.
  • We endeavour to provide an environment of respect and a developing sense of appreciation and responsibility for the well-being of both living and the non- living environment; caring for animals, caring for plants, and caring for each other.
  • We take pride in our community and strive to foster turangawaewae (a sense of belonging) where children, parents and whänau know they have a place, are welcomed, and are involved in the program in ways that are meaningful to them, with opportunities provided for families to meet each other.
  • We will provide an environment which bases the learning experiences on Dr Montessori's words, "Help me to help myself ".