Jenz Montessori

Parent & Visitor Classroom Conduct

When dropping off or collecting children, or visiting our centre, we ask that parents and whanau observe the following guidelines, in line with the Montessori Philosophy:

1 Please remain aware that this is the children's environment and that adult voices should not be heard over the children's.

2 If you need to speak to a staff member please do so in the office or alternatively you could wait until after the session.

3 Please do not interrupt the children while they are working as this will disrupt and break their concentration.

4 Mat time coincides with pick-up time. In order to make the leaving transition as quiet and smooth as possible, please monitor young children and keep noise to a minimum.

5 Adult praise is not necessary as children are learning to complete their work for the love of it.

6 Please be aware, the teachers and other members of staff have the children's best interests in mind.

By respecting these guidelines we are respecting the children and their environment.