Jenz Montessori

Service Operation

What your child will need (Please provide):

  • Morning tea and lunch for your child. We encourage families to keep food simple and healthy.
  • A named drinking cup to leave at the centre. The children drink from cups rather than bottles and help themselves to filtered water from the water cooler.
  • A spare change of clothes for toilet accidents and water play.
  • A named sunhat to leave at the centre. We require that all children wear a sunhat outside so if your child does not have one, they will wear one of our spare hats.

Arrival and Departure

On arrival children hang their bags on a hook in the cloakroom and take their lunchbox to the shelf inside the door of the classroom.

A teacher will be available to greet your child and will guide them to choose their name and a tray for the day. The teacher will then encourage them to choose an activity to help to settle them into the morning routine.

There is an attendance sheet located inside the entrance which you will need to sign as you bring your child in for the day and as you leave. Please ensure to sign this as this is a Ministry requirement.

When collecting children please wait quietly in the classroom and a staff member will escort your child to collect their belongings and say good-bye.


New Enrolments 
When your child commences you will be given a "Me" sheet which asks for relevant information regarding your child's likes, dislikes and special interests. We encourage you to discuss your child's individual needs with one of the teachers to assist with making the settling in process as smooth as possible. Before starting for the first time, children are encouraged to come on a few visits to Jenz, first with their parent/caregiver, and later for a short period by themselves. This helps to calm first-day blues!

News Day

The children have the opportunity each week to share a news item to the class at our afternoon mat time. Each child is allocated a day of the week when they can bring something to share. This may be relevant to something we are doing in class or something of special interest to your child, or even a cutting from the newspaper. Please note: Action Man, Barbie dolls and McDonald's toys have a limit to what can be expressed about them.


We must sight each child's immunisation form and record it on our immunisation register. Please bring this along on your first day and we will take a copy for our records.


The service's policy folder is located on the shelf in the cloakroom for all parents to access. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the development of service policies. When policies are being developed or reviewed they will be displayed on the noticeboard in the cloakroom for you to sign that you have
read the policy, and to provide any feedback or comments for consideration.
The Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, amendments and licensing criteria; the most recent ERO Report and the services annual financial report are displayed in the cloakroom for parents to access.

Health and Safety


Staff will only administer medicines to your child with written authority from a parent. If your child requires prescription medicines, paracetamol or cough syrup etc to be administered by staff, please inform a teacher. This must be documented on the medication register and signed by a parent/caregiver.
If your child requires medication as part of an individual health plan, for example for an on-going condition such as asthma or eczema etc, you will be prompted on the enrolment form to indicate this. In order for staff to administer these medicines to your child you must complete a Preventative Medication form. This will be organised on enrolment.

Illness & Accidents 

If your child has a high temperature, flu-like symptoms, inflamed eyes, vomiting, unidentified rash and/or diarrhoea at home - please keep them at home and advise the centre accordingly.
If we notice these symptoms in your child while they are at the centre, we will follow the procedures as laid down in our policy. Parents should expect to be contacted to promptly collect their child if they are unwell while at the centre.
Parents will be notified on the day of any accident or incident your child has encountered while at the centre. These details are recorded by teachers in the Accident and Incident book and reported to parents who must sign the record to show the notification and any actions that have taken place.

Teachers will follow emergency procedures for incidents of serious harm.

Weather Conditions

During Summer and/or on sunny/hot days, before children are free to go outside, they will have sunscreen applied and teachers will ensure they wear a hat and have suitable clothing on. If you have a specific sunscreen you would prefer us to apply, you will need to notify us and provide the sunscreen.
We require that families provide a sunhat for your child to leave at the centre and recommend that your child wears suitable clothing for sun protection (refer Sun Protection Policy).
During winter we would expect that children are suitably clothed for cold and wet weather and have a warm jacket and hat for outdoors. We recommend gumboots for outdoor play.


Please phone to notify the centre as early as possible in the morning if your child will be absent or is sick and will remain at home. It is helpful for the centre to be aware of illnesses within the centre and of the general well-being of your child.

Emergency Supplies 

We keep and maintain an Emergency Supplies kit with non-perishable food items, and other things such as batteries, torches, candles etc. We ask each new family to contribute one item to this important cause.